The formal name of this organization shall be "The Raleigh Durham Radio Control Club" and it shall be also known and designated by the short title "RDRC"


The objectives of this club shall be:

    • To promote the design, construction, and flying of radio controlled model aircraft.
    • To promote the free exchange of ideas among members and other organizations of like purpose.
    • To contribute to the sport, fellowship, and enjoyment of radio controlled model aviation.


The officers of this organization shall consist of a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, Treasurer, Safety Officer, Newsletter Editor, and a permanently appointed Historian-Photographer (whose tenure shall not be subject to election changes).


1. President: The President shall:

  • Preside at all meetings and conduct a monthly officers' meeting (with general membership invited).
  • Appoint committees as necessary.
  • Act as executive officer of the organization.

2. Vice-President: The Vice-President shall:

    • Assume the duties of the President during the absence of the President.
    • Act as chairman of all permanent committees.
    • Be responsible for the maintenance of the Club membership records.

3. Secretary: The Secretary shall:

    • Keep a record of all meetings.
    • Carry on any necessary correspondence.
    • Keep any other records necessary to his office including an accurate club roster .

4. Treasurer: The Treasurer shall:

    • Be responsible for collecting dues.
    • Be responsible for collecting any money owed to the organization.
    • Be responsible for paying out of the treasury any money owed by the organization.
    • Keep adequate financial records.
    • Make periodic financial reports.

5. Safety Officer: The Safety Officer:

    • Shall develop RDRC Field Rules that are in accordance with the AMA Safety Code and ensure

that these rules are posted at the field.

    • Is empowered to order any individual to cease any unsafe operations.
    • May prohibit the operation of any aircraft which would pose a safety threat at that time.

(Examples; test flights at contests or under crowded conditions, operation with obviously

questionable radios, flight of aircraft beyond the abilities of the pilot.) This does not preclude

testing of new or repaired or unusual aircraft when there is no likely threat to other fliers or


    • In the event of repeated disregard of the RDRC Field Rules may recommend to the President that

disciplinary measures be taken.

    • At meets or contests may conduct safety inspections of all aircraft prior to first flight at the event.
    • May appoint deputies to assist him/her in establishing a safe operating environment.

6. Newsletter Editor: The Newsletter Editor shall:

Be responsible for the monthly publication of the club newsletter.

Alert club members to proposed rule changes and club activities.

Correspond with magazine editors, other club editors, and equipment manufacturers relative to

RDRC Club activities.


  • Officers for each year will be elected at the November club meeting. The officers to be elected are; President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Safety Officer and Newsletter Editor.
  • If there are two candidates for an office a majority of votes cast will determine the winner. If there are more than two candidates, the candidate receiving more than 50% percent of the votes cast will win. If there is no majority the two candidates receiving the most votes will compete in a run-off ballot.
  • Written, secret ballots will be used. A quorum comprises 10% of the paid up membership of the club. Proxy votes are not permitted.
  • A slate of officers will be nominated at the September club meeting. No nomination of any person will be made without an indication of that personís willingness to serve.
  • The term of office for all officers is one year, commencing and ending on January 1st. Officers for each year will be installed on January 1st of the new year. If the President is unable to complete his term of office the Vice-president shall assume the Presidency. If any other officer is unable to complete his term of office the President shall appoint a successor to serve out the un-expired term.


There are six classes of membership:

1- Open; 18 or more years of age.

2- Family; Members of the immediate family of an Open member living in the same household.

3- Youth; Less than 18 years of age.

4- Student; FULL TIME students ONLY

5- LIFE; lifetime members who have paid the fees outlined in section VI, item E above.

6- Associate; Member of another AMA chartered club. This is a non-voting membership.

All members of this organization shall:

  1. Be a member in good standing of the Academy of Model Aeronautics. Evidence of AMA membership
  2. must be provided each year with the payment of dues.

  3. Not violate any of the club or field rules, the standards of good sportsmanship or good conduct at any

meeting or flying session. In the event of alleged violation of this section the following procedure will

be followed:

  • It is the responsibility of every Club member to bring any observed serious violations of the field rules or conduct detrimental to Club in general to attention of the President, or the Vice President or Safety Officer who will refer the matter to the President. The matter will be held in the strictest confidence and not be discussed with anyone not involved.
  • If the President deems the incident to be of sufficient importance, or is a repeated offence he may appoint an ad hoc Investigating Committee comprising three Club members, one and only one of which must be either the Vice President or the Safety Officer. The complainant must be prepared to meet with the accused person. No anonymous complaints will be considered.
  • The Investigating Committee will exist for 90 days or until it submits itís report, whichever occurs first, and then will be dissolved.
  • The Investigating Committee will investigate the incident(s), first interviewing the complainant, then any witnesses, and finally discuss the matter with the person accused of the infraction. During the investigation the accused person may request a meeting with the complainant and the witnesses. The accused will be given an opportunity to respond to any and all accusations and will be treated in a courteous manner at all times during the investigation. The Committee will not discuss an ongoing or completed investigation with anyone except the individuals involved. The recommendations of the Committee will be communicated only to the President. The Committee must submit a report within 90 days from the date of appointment.

At the conclusion of the investigation the Investigating Committee will provide a written report of its findings to the President. This report will include a recommendation of action to be taken. The only actions that may be recommended are:

No action

Formal letter of warning

Expulsion from the Club

The report will include a record of the votes of the three Committee members.

Upon receipt of the report of the Investigating Committee the President will take the following action;

  • If the recommendation is "no action" the matter is closed, and no record of the proceedings will be retained.

  • If the recommendation is a letter of warning the President will prepare such a letter that will be mailed or personally presented to the accused. At the discretion of the President an announcement of this disposition of the case may be made at a Club meeting or in the Newsletter. The Committee report and a copy of the letter of warning will be retained by the Secretary for a period of two years.
  • If the recommendation is expulsion the President will make an appropriate motion at the next regularly scheduled club meeting. The report of the Committee will be presented so that the members present may make an informed decision. The content of the report of the Committee will not be recorded in the minutes. A secret ballot will be taken. There is no requirement for prior notice in the Newsletter. Expulsion requires a two thirds affirmative vote of the members present. The 10% quorum rule prevails and no proxy votes are permitted. In the event of expulsion the President will prepare a letter stating the action which will be sent by certified mail to the expelled person. The expelled member will be reimbursed on a pro rata basis for the balance of any annual dues that have been paid. The Committee report, a copy of the letter of expulsion and a copy of the canceled dues refund check, if applicable, will be retained by the Secretary for a period of two years.
  • An ex-member who has been expelled may apply for membership under Section VIII of these By-Laws after a period of two years from the date of expulsion. Such an application will be considered as a new membership and will be subject to the Capital Assessment fee, see Section VI.



The dues structure of this organization is as follows:

1. Effective January 1, 2012 the dues of the organization will be payable annually on or before the 1st. day of January. A grace period of 31 days is allowed. Dues will not be accepted unless evidence of AMA membership for the year is provided.

2. Each adult member (adult member is one over the age of 18) who joins the club will pay an $30.00 initial Capital Assessment fee (one time only). All current members of the club who are less than 18 years of age are required to pay this fee when the age of 18 is attained.

3. Open members who join at any time other than January 1 will pay dues pro-rated at 1/12 the annual dues per month for the balance of the year. All other classes of membership will pay the entire dues regardless of the date of joining. Members who are late paying their dues must still pay the entire yearly dues amount.

4. The dues of this organization shall be set as follows:

a. Open Membership - $125.00 per year.

b. Family Membership - $10.00 each for children under the years of 18, and spouse of open members family in same household. Must have AMA.

c. Youth Membership - $25.00, less than 18 years of age.

d. Student Membership - $25.00. Must be FULL TIME student. .

e. Life Membership - $1000.00

f. Associate Membership -$50.00, for current members of another AMA chartered club. Associate members have no voting priviledges.

The dues structure may be reviewed at any time based upon a financial report prepared by the Treasurer. Any changes will require an amendment to these By-Laws.


An applicant for membership shall:

1. Be an active radio control modeler.

2. Show proof of membership in the AMA

  • The applicant will attend and be introduced at a regularly scheduled club meeting at which time their application for membership will be voted upon by the members present. This does not apply to Family Members.


  • Meetings shall be held monthly on the 4th. Wednesday of each month except when a holiday interferes. Date, time and place of the meeting shall be announced in the club newsletter. The President may, at his option, call special meetings.
  • Meetings will be conducted in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order (RRO). The Secretary will take minutes of all business conducted at the meeting. The Secretary will maintain a file of minutes. This file will be passed on to subsequent Secretaries.
  • For official business to be conducted at a meeting a quorum of 10 percent of the paid up membership must be present to vote on any actions or motions. Unless otherwise stated in these By-Laws a simple majority vote will pass any action or motion. Voice votes will be used; the Secretary will count and record the votes; the presiding officer may if he deems appropriate call for a secret ballot.


  • The President has the power to appoint any committee, both standing and temporary, as he sees fit. Any standing committee appointed by a President will terminate at the expiration of his term of office.


  • No alcoholic beverages are permitted at any time at the RDRC flying site. The RDRC flying site comprises the flying field, the flight line, the pit area, the spectator area and the parking area. For the purposes of this policy alcoholic beverages include beer, wine and liquor.


  • Amendments to the By-Laws may considered at any club meeting. Changes to By-Laws may be effected by a simple majority vote of the members present at any club meeting, provided that the proposed change has been presented in the newsletter prior to the meeting.




Incidental Expenditures

The Treasurer is authorized to disburse a maximum $300.00 for club related expenses, when approved in advance in writing by any two officers of the Club. The written approval may be provided by FAX or E-Mail, followed up by hard copy. Officers who may approve expenditures are; President, Vice President, and Secretary.


The person requesting the funds will prepare a written request including a brief description of the project to be funded, an estimate of the total amount, and the amount of advance, if required. This request must be approved by two Officers of the Club. If an advance is approved the Treasurer will provide a check made out to the person requesting the funds. When the project is finished an itemized accounting with appropriate receipts will be provided to the Treasurer for reimbursement.

In the event of an urgent need, at the discretion of the approving Officers, the request for funds and approval may be made verbally, to be followed up with a written request as described above. However no disbursement of Club funds will be made without full documentation and approval.


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