The RDRC Field

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[club field]

[bullet] NEW - Live Video Feeds from the RDRC Club Field. Look all around the field and get current weather data, live!

[bullet] Above and below are pictures of the RDRC Field taken on 8/14/2006, just after the new fencing, gates, and flight stations were installed. Wow, what a fresh look for the field! You can see better and larger pictures of the area by clicking on the following links for Picture 1, Picture 2, and Picture 3. The new galvanized chain link fencing will provide a durable safety barrier for public visitors & the parking area. There is a removable gate for use during events, to keep pilot access to the field very simple.

There are now 5 new flight stations in place, complete with concrete pads for the pilots standing comfort in each station. You can also see better pictures of these by clicking on the following links to see Picture 1 and Picture 2. Constructed of salt treated timber, these stations should last for many fun-filled years! Check out this slideshow of PICS from the Field.

Here are several great aerial photos that have been taken and/or enhanced by RDRC members. You'll get a birds-eye view of our paved and grass runways, parking area, shelter and [club field] storage facilities, and beautiful expanse of flying space. By clicking on the following links, you can view several great aerial shots, taken from several angles. Some of these were taken before our most recent upgrades, but give a good feel for our awesome rural flying site. The first pic was taken during our Fall Fly-For-Tots Fly-In, Sept '06. The aerial photos are Picture 1, Picture 2, Picture 3, Picture 4, Picture 5, and Picture 6.

RDRC's Frequency Control Board accomodates everyone with AMA legal frequencies, from the oldest legal gear to the new. [freq board] We have frequency control pins and hangers for the legal 27 mhz frequencies, the old 53 mhz 6 meter amateur radio (ham radio) frequencies, the new 50 mhz amateur radio frequencies, and all narrow-band 72 mhz frequencies. By clicking on the following links, you can view a few different shots of our frequency board. The frequency board pics are Picture 1, Picture 2, and Picture 3.

The pic below is a satellite view of the RDRC club airstrip. Chris Hockaday photoshopped a compass image on top of the runway image for pilot orientation. When observing the wind speed and direction information found on the front page of this site, on the RDRC weather page, or on this may help better understand what the prevailing winds may be at the field at that time. You can see all of the weather data from the RDRC field by clicking HERE, or by clicking the [MORE WEATHER] link found just above the weather dials on this site.

[satellite view]

The Location of RDRC's SITE

[bullet] How to get to our field?? Easy! Here's a simple, hand drawn map to our site. You can also get a map and directions to our site, from your front door.

[bullet] The address of AMA Club Field #733: RDRC 1339 Bethlehem Church Rd., Youngsville, NC.

[bullet] GPS Coordinates are: N35deg 56.459", W78deg 21.148"

[bullet] If coming from Raleigh on 401 north, proceed through Rolesville and past route 96 to SR-1101. Turn right on SR-1101 and continue for 3 miles to the intersection of SR-1103. Turn right onto SR-1103 and proceed for 3/4 mile. The field is on the left, and there is a large RDRC sign beside the path.

[bullet] If coming from towards Zebulon on hiway 96, travel approx. 8 miles north of Zebulon and turn right on Halifax road. Follow Halifax to the first stopsign. Turn left and travel approx. 100 yards to the next stopsign. Turn left on SR-1103 and travel approx. 1 mile. The RDRC club field will be on your right, and the RDRC sign will mark the entrance to the path.

[bullet] If coming from Wilson or the east, follow Hwy 264 west. At Zebulon, and just beyond the 264/64 merge, take 96 west and follow the instructions in the previous paragraph.

[bullet] If coming from Durham and Chapel Hill via Hwy 98: To get to the field from the Triangle (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill) take Hwy 98 East to Wake Forest. Continue through Wake Forest. When you reach the second stop sign after Wake Forest turn right. Take your next paved left. This is State Road (SR) 1101. It actually crosses 98, but the sign is missing! Continue on SR1101 until you reach the dead end T-intersection. Turn right, and continue for almost 200 yards until you see the RDRC sign on the left side of the road.

[bullet] Have a look at the map page visualize our location. Click your "BACK" button to return here.

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