Flat Spin

     The FLAT SPIN is a fairly complex maneuver and should be accomplished by the more advanced pilot. It can be a very nerve racking manuever to learn, so use caution when attempting one or practice with a decent flight simulator before trying it with your favorite plane. To accomplish this manuever, first enter a conventional spin and as the spin developes, SLOWLY add in opposite aileron. As you do this slowly add throttle to about half. The plane *should* flatten out. Now to recover, release the sticks and add opposite rudder and a bit of down elevator. The plane should spin 2-3 more times then fall out. The recovery is where people freeze up and their plane goes BOOM! This is because releasing the sticks doesn't stop the plane from spinning. It won't because one wing panel has completely stalled. Another version of a flat spin is to slowly add down elevator instead of aileron which produces a flatter spin. It also helps to bring the aileron stick to neutral. One tip is to start way up high so you have time to think things out. You can release the sticks to recover but it usually takes anywhere from 5 to 8 turns. It doesn't feel good to see your plane spinning in and hoping it will come out before it goes SPLAT!


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