Aileron Roll/Slow Roll

     Aileron rolls, like the loop is a fairly basic manuever and one of the first maneuvers that you will learn. To do a "regular" roll, pull the nose up to 10 degrees or so then apply full aileron in either direction. As the plan rolls and levels off, release the ailerons stick. To do a more advanced roll that doesn't loose altitude, apply down elevator as the plane rolls inverted then let off as it rolls from inverted. Another type of roll is a SLOW ROLL. To do one, start a roll using very little aileron so the plane doesn't roll very fast. As it rolls to 90 degrees (Knife-edge) slowly add rudder to keep the nose up. As it continues to roll, slowly release the rudder and add some down elevator as the plane rolls inverted. As it keeps rolling do the opposite, slowly let go of the elevator and slowly add rudder. Release the rudder and ailerons as the plane levels off. It helps to set your aileron dual rates to 50% (or less) and use them during the slow roll. This way you can keep the aileron stick all the way to one side so you get a constant roll rate!


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