The Immelmann is basically a backwards Split S. To Fly one, fly straight and level and apply elevator to go up into a half loop. As the plane flys inverted (at the very top of the loop) roll back to level. IF you fly in competition, here are some tips for this maneuver: 1- get the radius of the half loop perfectly round. 2- The roll MUST be at the very top and immediately after the half loop!

- Model not level at start of maneuver.
- Model deviates left or right during half loop.
- Half loop not completed exactly above point of commencement of half loop.
- Half roll does not commence immediately after half loop.
- Plane deviates from a straight line during roll.
- Model does not finish in level flight.
- Model heading does not finish exactly opposite the direction of entry.
- Half loop not round.


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- Snap Roll - Knife Edge - Knife Edge Loop - Flat Spin - Inverted Flat Spin - Wingtip Spin -

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