Knife Edge Loop

    A Knife Edge Loop is fairly simple for the intermediate pilot to acomplish once knife edge "flight" is mastered. To do one, roll into a knife edge then apply full rudder and if not already, apply full throttle. The plane will go up and around just like a regular loop except this one is in knife edge flight! The problems with some aircraft designs is that during the back half of the loop (when you are coming back down!), it is like the rudder-throw was cut in half and the loops radius expands. If this happens, roll to level right now!! Or your plane may do a knife edge Figure 9 :-) If your plane does slow on the back half, you will need to do your knide edge loops at a high altitude. Some key points to doing a knife edge loop are: Lots of power, and a very large rudder that has lots of throw! Knife edge loops are real good attention getters and look really neat!


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