Wingtip Spin

     The wingtip spin, sometimes called a knife edge spin is a very effective way to draw attention to your flight. To visulize one, imagine flying vertical like you did for a hammerhead, and when it stalls, imagine you holding your plane by one wingtip and spinning the nose and tail around, as it decends. Don't be disapointed though, if your plane doesn't spin with the nose and tail level, usually the nose is pitched up about 10 degrees. Anyways, now that you know what is should look like, heres how to acomplish one: Apply full throttle, pull vertical and fly up about 30-50ft and kill the throttle. When the plane slows and starts to stall put the sticks in the top left corners. The plane will fall into a wingtip spin! You can also do the sticks in the top right corners but it always seems to rotate to the left better for some reason, probably due to engine torque. One tip is to start very high as the plane falls very fast! Recovery is easy, just release the sticks, and pull out. You don't have to fight it like during a flat spin because you have LOTS of airspeed! A couple of pointers that help: LOTS of throw, especially on the elevator and rudder, and a little aft CG sometimes helps.


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