The hammerhead is a fairly basic maneuver that is easy to accomplish and master. To do a hammerhead, fly up-wind with your wings perfectly level. Now increase throttle to full and pull perfectly vertical. As it goes up about 20ft chop the throttle to about a 1/4 and let the plane slow. As it approaches a stall, apply full rudder in either direction. It sometimes helps to apply a little throttle to get air flowing over the rudder. As the plane rotates, slowly release the rudder and let the plane go down line. Pull out and return to level flight at approximately the same spot where you entered and pulled up. Try not to "dump" the rudder off as the plane rotates because this will cause the plane to 'wag' it's tail on the downline. Let off of the rudder gently for a smooth and very dramatic maneuver!

- Model not level at start and finish.
- Track does not become exactly vertical.
- Model not vertical at start and finish of stall turn.
- Return path not parallel to entry path.
- Exit not at same altitude as entry.
- Pivot radius greater than 1/2 wingspan.
- Pendulum movement after stall.
- Loop segments not round with same size and radius.


- Loops - Rolls/Slow Roll - Immelman - Split-S - Hammerhead - Spin -
- Snap Roll - Knife Edge - Knife Edge Loop - Flat Spin - Inverted Flat Spin - Wingtip Spin -

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