The INSIDE LOOP is a pretty basic maneuver that is usually one of the first maneuvers you will learn. First start at level flight headed up-wind. Make sure your wings are level then apply full throttle and gently add up elevator. Add the necessary right rudder to counter-act torque. As the plane proceeds in a smooth vertical circle and goes inverted, cut the throttle to idle or just above so you don't build up excess speed on the down side. As the plane levels off gently release elevator, gradually apply throttle and fly away. Practice the loop until you can get a perfect circle with a constant radius. This will aide you later when you're ready for more advanced maneuvers that require precise control of the elevator and throttle.

     Inside Loops
Model pulls up and executes the loop. The loop should be completely round. Downgrades:

  • Loops not round.
  • Exit not same altitude and heading as entry.
  • Wings not level during loops.

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