A Split-S is a very useful positioning maneuver, since it turns you around and you drop a bit of altitude. To do one, start high until you get use to the maneuver. Fly straight and level, put the throttle to idle, and roll perfectly 180 degrees (to inverted). As the plane rolls inverted, apply up elevator to pull to level (basically a half loop) and fly away! Try to get the half loop smooth and have a constant radius.

- Half roll not 180 degrees.
- Half loop not started immediately after half roll.
- Half loop not constant radius.
- Changes in heading.
- One-half (1/2) roll not in level flight.
- Model heading does not finish exactly opposite the direction of entry.


- Loops - Rolls/Slow Roll - Immelman - Split-S - Hammerhead - Spin -
- Snap Roll - Knife Edge - Knife Edge Loop - Flat Spin - Inverted Flat Spin - Wingtip Spin -

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