The Spin

     The spin is an intermediate maneuver but fairly easy to learn and master. First, start with lots of altitude and chop the throttle. As the plane slows down add up elevator to keep the nose up, the nose should be up about 10 degrees. The plane will stall and should fall nose down. As it does this, put the sticks to the bottom left corners. The plane should begin to rotate around it's CG. To get out of the spin, release the sticks. The plane may still rotate once or twice then fall out. Some of the more heavier planes may require the application of opposite rudder and a little power to get out of the maneuver.

- Entry not on heading
- Rotation stopped with wings NOT perpendicular to the flight path after the required number of rotations.
- Push over or Snap entry, plane not stalled on entry. Remember: If the wing passes through vertical before the fuselage passes through horizontal, it's a Snap Entry.


- Loops - Rolls/Slow Roll - Immelman - Split-S - Hammerhead - Spin -
- Snap Roll - Knife Edge - Knife Edge Loop - Flat Spin - Inverted Flat Spin - Wingtip Spin -

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