Inverted Flat Spin

    The inverted flat spin, like the upright flat spin is for the more advanced pilots and should be done with caution. However, if you have the upright flat spin mastered, the inverted one is a piece of cake! There are two ways to do this maneuver. The first and most common way is to roll inverted, kill the throttle and keep adding down elevator to keep it level and wait for it to stall as in the upright flat spin. When the stall occurs you put the left stick in the bottom left corner and the right stick in the top right corner and an inverted spin will start. As it spins, you slowly add opposite aileron (as you did in the upright flatspin) and add throttle as you cross the ailerons. To recover, kill the throttle and add opposite rudder. The second way only works on some aircraft designs but looks very cool! What you do is, from straight and level flight put the left stick in the bottom left corner (Throttle at idle, and full left rudder). At the same time, put the right stick in the top right corner (full right aileron, full down elevator). The plane should tumble and start to spin. Now you do the same as the first method to get it to go flat. This is a very cool maneuver and is quite the crowd pleaser. Some planes if you fiddle with the inputs can invert flatspin on the spot and don't lose alltiude, some can even climb!


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